Stocking Stuffers: Tips for Boosting Your Yearbook Sales During the Holidays

Yearbooks make great stocking stuffers.
Photo credit: Flickr CC user Liz


Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and that means the holiday season is almost in full swing along with everything that comes with it.

The holidays are notoriously a stressful time of year for most people. Between special school performances, gift shopping, travel, charity work, and making sure your students have everything on schedule before they go on winter break this is likely true for you. Despite all of these factors, the next month and a half is also full of lots of fun activities and opportunities that can help you take advantage of the holiday push and boost your yearbooks sales!

Brainstorm with your students all the different ways you can get the yearbook back to the front of people’s minds, so they start buying now. From raffles to charity events, there are many ways you can raise awareness.

Here are some yearbook ideas that can boost sales and get people to buy a yearbook before the New Year.

  • Hold a canned food or toy drive — Have the yearbook staff host a canned food or toy drive on campus. Give every kid who donates a certain percentage a discount on their yearbook purchase (for example, if they donate $25 worth of food, they get $5 off their yearbook). Or, if you are unable to offer discounts, you can come up with other incentives like whoever donates a toy, gets a special shout-out in the charity section of the yearbook. People love seeing their photos published. The photos will not only motivate people to give back to the community, but also to put a payment down on a yearbook that they know they’ll definitely have their photo in.
  • Host a holiday photo booth – To help raise yearbook awareness, host a special holiday-themed photo booth in one of the common areas. Students who purchase a yearbook that day can do a photo shoot with their friends and have it appear on the yearbook blog or in the actual yearbook.
  • Yearbooks make great stocking stuffers – So the physical yearbooks will obviously not be ready to rock by Hanukah or Christmas time, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t give the gift of memories to their child. Have your staff draft up a catchy email or flier for parents encouraging them to purchase a yearbook as a present for their student. You can give them a special gift card proving their purchase that they can wrap under the tree or slip into a stocking. Spice up the gift card by adding a candy cane, coupons to local businesses, or other pieces of holiday flair.
  • Raffle time – Reach out for donations in your community for a yearbook-themed raffle (think movie tickets, iPods, car washes, pedicures, etc.). Every student who purchases a yearbook or anyone who buys ad space before the raffle deadline is instantly entered to win. This is a great way to get students excited about the yearbook and turn it into a game.

Do you try to do a special sales push around the holidays? What tactics have worked and which ones have fallen a little flat? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comment box below.