Yearbook Marketing Campaign: Banding Together to Boost Book Sales

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There are a lot of ways to develop a great yearbook, from tried-and-true classic ideas to new and trendy concepts. But no matter what theme or design you end up choosing, your yearbook will likely need a little help and a solid marketing campaign to sell! An effective, fun way to do this is by partnering with student groups that frequently host major school events.

Forming partnerships with student groups can make your yearbook more than a keepsake that students receive at the end of the year; it makes the book a project and memento they personally helped to create and promote. Thus, the memories that were captured forever within your publication will mean more to them, and they’ll take more pride in promoting it to others. Everybody wins! Keep reading for recommendations on student groups and events to partner with for your yearbook marketing campaign.

Getting involved in the school’s homecoming pep rally can spread awareness and boost yearbook sales!
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Prom Committee

When it comes to the ultimate event of the year, prom is it. No matter what school you go to, this is the biggest moment on campus to photograph—you definitely want to have a yearbook presence within the event. Start by meeting with the prom committee to brainstorm ways you can partner together to make the event, and your yearbook spread, even better. This can segue into how best to promote yearbook sales and your publication’s prom coverage.

For example, you could choose a yearbook theme that coincides with the theme of the prom, which would make it really easy to bring a lot of photos into your book. Or, you could host a fun photo booth at the dance, transforming those pictures into a yearbook spread. You could even make the yearbook a bigger part of the coronation ceremony, by offering to crown the King and Queen of the dance. Being present and heavily involved at the last big event of the year can be a great way to boost your yearbook sales. Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun in the process!

Homecoming Week

In the fall, homecoming is a huge event for most schools. Since it involves more than just a dance, there’s a lot of opportunities for you and the yearbook team to get involved! Back in the day, our school had an entire week of festivities that ranged from themed dress days, to pep rallies, to a big bonfire the night before the homecoming football game.

Finding ways to partner with the group putting on all of the homecoming hoopla will help you gain more exposure and build awareness for your yearbook. You could sponsor a school spirit day, create a fun anthem for the pep rally, or even do a “best game selfie” contest—where the best selfie taker wins a free yearbook. All of these ideas could create some super-fun shots for your publication, while boosting yearbook sales and excitement at the same time!

Going to State

When one of your high school’s sports teams goes to the state tournament, it’s a big deal. I remember getting excused from classes to go cheer on the players, everyone dressed up in the most obnoxious outfits made up of our school’s colors. One way you can really reach the student body—both to promote and sell your yearbook, and to get awesome photo coverage—is to become part of the rallying committee for these types of spur-of-the-moment events.

Typically, the coaches, team captains, and parents are a great place to start here. Helping them set up a pep rally for the student body will create an awesome opportunity for you to discuss how the big tournament could feature in the yearbook. You could also sell some school-themed items as a way to fundraise and supplement yearbook costs. Getting creative and finding ways to support both the school and your cause can help to benefit everyone involved!

Great Yearbook Ideas

As you’re planning how to build a yearbook presence at campus events throughout the school year, remember to plug the yearbook committee as well as how students can get their hands on a yearbook. Because spreading the word about your awesome yearbook is only half the battle. If students don’t know how, when or where to buy one, you’re not going to see a spike in sales. With great communication and a little creative joint marketing, you’ll develop some new spread material and sell more books in the process. Who knew yearbook partnering could be so fun and productive!

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