Visualize Your Yearbook Marketing: A Fancy YouTube Video Brings Eyeballs and Revenue

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Promoting your yearbook isn’t science – it’s about spreading the word where the people are! And there’s no better way to reach the younger generations than through an awesome YouTube video. After all, with how accessible the internet is for anyone and everyone, you’ve got a great platform – and a huge opportunity – for boosting sales. But how can you create a YouTube video that will not only get shared amongst your target market, but also sell more books for you? Follow the steps in our video guide below and you won’t have any problems doing just that!

Get your tech team involved to help you create an awesome parody video to sell more yearbooks!
Photo Credit: Flickr user rob_IMX

Use Your Theme

Use your theme as the basis of the concept for your video. Think through that concept like a movie trailer – your video should be almost a preview of what will be in the yearbook. You’ll need some kind of a hook, like a funny integration of your theme and a pop culture sensation – like Grumpy Cat or an imitation of a reality show actress who is, like, so excited about getting her copy of your school’s yearbook. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy – but the more students can laugh at and relate to the content, the more successful your yearbook marketing strategy will be.

Create a Script

When you want to create a great YouTube video to sell something, the key is to use a script. While your team doesn’t have to stick directly to what’s written in your outline, it gives you some direction and helps you stay on track with the project. Let’s be honest, a totally ad-libbed video can be funny, but will also take up a lot of your time as producer – especially if you’re trying to create something that speaks to a wide range of high schoolers! The more direct you are with your approach, the less diluted your message will be. And the less editing your video will require after filming!

Remember a Call to Action

Just like any business promotion, you want to make sure your own yearbook marketing video has a strong call to action. Which is basically a fancy way of saying that you need to tell students how they can buy their yearbook to see what the fuss is about for themselves. Make it as clear and concise as possible – they’ll need to know where, how and when they can buy a book for themselves. And that’s how you convert the students watching your awesome preview into owners of their own yearbook at the end of the school year!

Promote, Promote, Promote

Once you’ve published your video, you need to use every avenue available to promote it to the student body. The most obvious choice is to start with social media – and to do that best, ask your yearbook team to be video advocates. Create pre-written social media updates that they can share over the course of a month with their friends. Since your video features individuals the students will recognize (their peers) and likely has a funny hook, it should become shared across the school before you know it. Boom! You just found success!