Yearbook Photos: 4 Sources to Keep Digital Files Organized

Part of the challenge of being in charge of your publication is keeping track of all your great yearbook photos. In addition to the volunteer committee you need to lead and the ton of pages that need content, you also have to sort through a barrage of pictures. Given that, a well-organized storage system is your main key to success. But don’t worry; there are a few impressive tools that can help you keep track of your committee’s work and manage the images for each feature with ease. Best of all, each service is free! I’ll outline each one below, highlighting the way these apps make it easy to share your yearbook photos among your entire committee. With a few clicks of your mouse, you could eliminate half of today’s to-do list.


Dropbox has incredible functionality. With it, you can easily create different files, share documents and images, and sync all of your devices to one location. Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about losing your yearbook photos due to a crashed computer or a failure to back up your system. Plus, your committee can access every file from their laptop, a school computer, or even a tablet, making it easy to pull together features for your publication when you’re on the go. Dropbox has a simple navigation panel that allows you to access all the program’s tools without a hassle. Even better, you have the option of only sharing certain files on your account so that you can store both personal and yearbook files on your personal account. It’s like a modern day filing system that fits in your back pocket.


Flickr is similar to Dropbox, except that you can only use it for images. Flickr allows you to categorize your photos as you upload them, which keeps everything nice and organized when you want to access a particular set of yearbook photos three months down the line.

It’s easy to connect with the rest of your committee— simply import your contacts list or search for the members of your committee by name. This setup gives you immediate access to an individual’s public images. However, you’ll want to make sure all of your yearbook photo albums are set to private.


To make things even easier for your committee, create a Flickr account that’s unique to your group. Once you share the login details with your team, everyone can upload images to the same account, creating consistency in the way you organize photos. This feature also ensures that you don’t lose any pictures in the event that someone leaves your team.


A Google product, Picasa is a simple way to save and upload images from any computer or mobile device. Your images are synced with your Google+ account, making it easy to access the pictures you need. Some photo editing capabilities are integrated with the software; this means you don’t have to re-upload images after they’ve been tinkered with. And, as you know, eliminating even one step of the editing process can be a huge timesaver! With Picasa, you can share your albums online and quickly send links for your images and albums to your committee. You can even email your yearbook photos to other members of your team when you want an opinion on what will fit best on a given page of your spread. If you already use a lot of Google products to manage your yearbook, this app will integrate well with your system.


TreeRing Tools

To make your photo organization even easier, TreeRing also has a powerful suite of tools that you can access within your account. We offer a combination of personal and shared folders that you can implement with your team, which keeps everyone’s images organized in the same spot. Because the pictures are saved within TreeRing’s system, they’re just a few clicks away from being added to your yearbook pages – no extra uploads required! You can even create a folder that’s accessible to your entire school. This allows students, parents and faculty to submit their own images for use within your publication. And that’s an even better way to ensure you’re getting your hands on the best yearbook photos from every event on campus!

Awesome Organization for Your Yearbook Photos

For a project as large as your yearbook, you need tools to stay organized across the entire content creation process. From images to timelines to copy, the best resources make it easy to save and share your work securely and privately among your whole committee. These specific apps are some of the most effective ways to categorize and manage your yearbook photos throughout the entire year. With these tools, you’ll never have to spend hours of time searching through your database to find that one lost image again. Your committee will save time, reduce the risk of lost content and make it easier for everyone to work on your project remotely. And these are some serious benefits that make your role a lot less stressful!