10 Yearbook Posters & Flyers That'll Help You Sell Your Yearbook (And More!)

Start talking about marketing your yearbook through yearbook posters and flyers, and everyone’s mind pretty much jumps to selling books automatically. That’s all well and good (and a huge part of yearbook marketing), but, there’s a lot more you can use those hallway posters and take-home flyers for.

In fact, marketing your book through yearbook posters and flyers is also super useful for recruiting new committee/team members and collecting photos from others in the school community. (If you’re only focused on selling books, that’s cool; but know this: Psychological studies have proven you can sell more if you do these other things, too.)

Sure, there are other ways to achieve your goals of higher sales numbers, recruiting new team members, and collecting photos and memories from your entire school community. But, let’s face it, there’s only so much marketing you can actually do when you have to create a book, too.

That’s why we love posters and yearbook flyers more than any other means: They’re super cheap, fun to make, and totally effective.

To prove our love of yearbook posters and flyers (and to share it with you, too) we’ve pulled together a bunch of free templates, based on top-priority needs. They’re all fair game. Use ’em however you want.

Marketing Goal 1: Sell Your Yearbook

At the end of the day, the goal is to sell as many copies of your yearbook as possible. Here are some flyers and posters you can begin using to promote your yearbook right away.

Yearbook Poster Type: The Funny Promo

Funny yearbook poster ideas, when well executed, grab student attention and start building the case for the yearbook – even before the yearbook has actually been created.

So how can you create punny, yet effective, yearbook posters?

  • Pull inspiration from inside jokes, memes, emojis, pop culture, you name it!
  • Use a headline that captures attention and packs a punch(line)
  • Grab an eye-catching visual
  • Use a call-to-action that tells students what they need to do next
  • And don’t forget to include your contact information

Here are three templates you can use to jumpstart your efforts:

Funny yearbook posters: Crying Jordan spinoff Funny yearbook posters idea: Uncle Sam-Emoji Mashup funny yearbook poster idea: mastercard ripoff
Get this yearbook flyer here. Get this yearbook poster here. Get this yearbook poster here.

Yearbook Flyer Type: The Curiosity Gap

This poster style is based on the psychological effect of needing to know more about something, and promoting urgency around that need. It does three things to persuade people to buy your yearbook:

  • Answers the question “What’s in it for me?”
  • Only gives them a taste of the answer to boost their curiosity.
  • Makes buying the yearbook the only way to get the full answer.

yearbook flyer

Get this yearbook flyer here.

So, does it work? Ask Angie Allen, yearbook adviser at Nevada-based Elizabeth Lenz Elementary School. She used this approach to increase her school’s yearbook sales by 50%. (You can read her full story and learn her techniques here.)

Marketing Goal 2: Recruit New Yearbook Team Members

You can’t sell the best yearbook your school has ever seen without an awesome yearbook team driving the creation process.

Your yearbook team helps keep your efforts afloat and ensures you get everything done. Create excitement around your yearbook; encourage students to embrace new hobbies; and drive social interaction among students with creative recruitment flyers and posters like these:

Historical Yearbook Recruiting Poster Yearbook Terms Recruiting Poster Pop Culture Yearbook Recruiting Poster
Get this yearbook poster here. Get this yearbook flyer here. Get this yearbook poster here.

Remember: the best yearbook team recruiting materials fit these three guidelines:

  • They’re specific about what type of help is needed. (Photography? Design? Selling? Mention the skills you’re looking for.)
  • They’re open and inclusive. (Welcome everyone to join!)
  • They provide pertinent information. (Give details about what’s involved and how to find out more.)
  • They’re creative and fun. (Just like your yearbook team.)

Marketing Goal 3: Crowdsource Your Yearbook Content

Yearbook flyers don’t have to be one-dimensional (i.e., they don’t have to only promote your yearbook). These promotions can also be used to find photos, interview subjects or fill coverage gaps if needed. This is a process called crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing allows you to step outside of your go-to group of collaborators and leverage the knowledge of others. It’s an awesome way to find that perfect photo from a school event or get that small but critical detail you’re missing.

To get the best materials or help from your student body, make sure your yearbook flyers and posters:

  • Turn heads – use humor, pop-culture references, or something totally unexpected.
  • Ask for help, and be as specific as possible.
  • Give clear instructions on how your audience can deliver what you need.

As the year progresses, here are a few ideas for flyers and posters you can use to collect the yearbook materials you need:

Yearbook Crowdsource Flyer (Bulleted Version) — Treering-3 Yearbook Crowdsource Flyer (Blank Space Version) — Treering-3 Yearbook Crowdsource Flyer (Blank Space Version) — Treering
Get this yearbook flyer here. Get this yearbook flyer here. Get this yearbook poster here.

Now you’re equipped with all the marketing materials you need as you begin to prep for your new yearbook. Bookmark this page, and keep creating those unique, creative, eye-catching and effective yearbook posters and flyers all year long.

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