Yearbook Quotes: 15 Prompts to Get the Best for Your Book

Yearbook quotes are a must-have addition to any awesome publication. The topics can cover a vast range, from funny to insightful to inspirational. They can be full of school spirit, or mention pop culture references that will have your readers laughing as they look back at their book years later. The potential fodder is endless–the challenge, however, is finding those noteworthy bursts that really stand out, and capture a reader’s attention. But getting great quotes doesn’t have to be a Herculean task–if your team has the right prompts. Below, I’ll give you 15 of the best prompts the journalists on your committee can use to not only inspire amazing content, but bring amazing yearbook quotes to your publication.

  1. What’s in your future? Excellent for a feature on the future aspirations of your students, or even a ‘time capsule’ style article.
  2. What are three things you’ll never forget about this year? This will generate a ton of quotes for your major school events, and can also alert you to anything you didn’t cover that should be on the pages of your book.
  3. Who do you most admire? Why? This prompt is a great way to supplement a pop culture piece or an inspirational feature.
  4. What’s the most outrageous/exciting thing you did at school this year? From senior pranks to funny jokes to class field trips, these are the yearbook quotes that will put a smile on the face of anyone reading your publication.
  5. If you had the chance to do one thing from the year over again, what would it be? Whether they want to relive a fantastic moment or go back and make a different choice, what part of their year do they want to experience again?
  6. What was a must-have item in your school wardrobe this year? Showcase how student styles are similar or different with this fun quote prompt–make sure to have a camera at the ready when you ask this question!
  7. Name three pet peeves. Although this prompt isn’t directly related to your campus, it can add a funny yearbook quotes feature to include some levity. Asking teachers this question could also lead to quite the conversation!
  8. List your five favorite TV shows. Another supplement to your pop culture spread, this is a prompt that nearly anyone on your campus can answer. While it might not provide the most insightful quotes, it does create a snapshot in time, and will have your students reminiscing (and groaning) for years to come.
  9. What’s your favorite off-campus hangout? Showcase what students do when they’re not actually at school!
  10. Do you have a morning ritual? Many students have a very specific schedule that they follow to get to school on time. Use these yearbook quotes in a fun “prepping for school” spread!
  11. If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would that be? Let students share some of their personality, and get to know a little more about their peers, with this type of prompt.
  12. What’s the number one adventure on your bucket list? Inspire students with yearbook quotes about challenges their peers want to take on in the future.
  13. Who was your favorite teacher this year? Why? For students who see multiple teachers during their day, this can be a fun way to share positive things about the staff at your school.
  14. What something new you tried this year? New experiences cause us to grow, and can be defining moments in our lives. Whether it’s an experience from on-campus or off, you’ll definitely get some unique answers–and will showcase the adventurous daring of some of your students–and the thirst for knowledge from others.
  15. What makes our school unique? Perfect for a school spirit feature, this prompt will get students thinking about all the ways your school is fabulous.

Tips for Better Yearbook Quotes

The prompts above are an excellent way to spur awesome yearbook quotes for your publication. But to ensure that your journalists are able to capture something fantastic with every interview they have, remind them of these tips:

  • Ask “why?”: If you’re  not getting the best answers out of an interviewee, keep asking “why?” or “what else?” to get more detail. Remember, the more details you get, the better your quotes will be.
  • Don’t be afraid to modify: If you need to edit a quote for clarity, go for it! The interviewee will probably appreciate being represented more clearly–just don’t forget to get permission for those modifications before you publish it.
  • Evolve your prompts: These are great prompts to get you started. But they’re not the only awesome prompts you can use! Hold a brainstorming session, and encourage your team to come up with some of their own prompts to use on interviews. This is how you’ll get yearbook quotes that are really specific to your school.

With a little direction, your yearbook will be filled with content that’s unique and interesting for your specific students. And that’s exactly what will make it a worthwhile read for your campus! Looking for more question inspiration, check out this list of 75 Awesome Yearbook Interview Questions For Students.