Yearbook Resources: How to Keep Your Best Tips Front and Center


If you’re an avid reader of the TreeRing blog, then you know we have a ton of great tips and exercises that your committee can use to create an amazing publication. You probably use a lot of these ideas to guide your committee meetings, and find new ways to build fabulous content into your book. And while you incorporate these awesome yearbook resources into your lessons on a regular basis, you might not be maximizing them with your team.

Your committee can’t be expected to remember every single thing you share with them without the ability to reference it in the future. Plus, not keeping all of your best resources front of mind for your committee creates a missed opportunity to get the best content into your publication. To help you use all of your yearbook resources for greater success, below I’ve pulled together my favorite ways to keep all of these tips easy to access for your committee throughout the entire year.

Start With Tip Sheets

When you use our articles to give your committee new tools for creating content, take the extra step and print each one out as a tip sheet. If you’re having trouble printing them off of the website, simply copy and paste them into a Word document that you can share with your team. You can use it as a lesson handout during your next meeting or class session, but there are even more ways to keep these great yearbook resources front of mind below!

Classroom Bulletin Board

If you’re teaching a yearbook class, dedicate one of your classroom bulletin board for sharing ideas, tips and resources for your committee. From how they can get better photos to writing better content, this is a place where your team can reference all of the tips you’ve provided throughout the year. Keep the most important concepts you’ve covered over a particular month handy, and change out the information you share as needed. Your board will quickly become a tip hub to remind your committee members of how to best use all of the resources you provide.

Online Help

Keep an online compilation of the most important yearbook resources you’ve given out in a simple Google Spreadsheet. Remind your committee of where they can access that information on a monthly basis. This can be something super simple, even just a list of topics and links to the resources you frequently use will work!

Committee Binders

At the beginning of the school year, give your committee members a binder that they can use to save all of the handouts you provide. This will give them a special place to save all of the information you dole out, and become a place that they refer to when they’re actually working on the content for your book in the months to come.

Monthly Refreshers

Provide your committee with quick monthly refreshers of your most important tips for awesome photography, content and editing. Remind them of all the places they can quickly access these resources, and encourage them to use their binders as a guide to help them take their work to the next level.

Keep Yearbook Resources Easy to Access

Pulling together a ton of awesome tips will help you teach your committee great things during your meetings. But to make all of those yearbook resources useable, you need to ensure that your team can access your best information when they actually need it: while they’re working on the content for your book! So use the above ideas as a way to guide the direction of your book as a whole, and you’ll find yourself leading your team to even bigger yearbook successes this year!