Build Buzz and Increase Your Yearbook Sales: Use a Flash Sale to Boost Last-Minute Orders

flash sale

Towards the end of the school year, you’ll probably see a surge in yearbook sales, as students who forgot to place an order hurry up and get one in at the last minute. I can tell you from experience, it’s just human nature to wait until the last possible second on these things. And while you’re probably happy to see every single order come in, it can also be stressful to not know exactly how many yearbooks you’ve sold, or to have to wait until the last second to place your order. But I have a way to eliminate some of this stress for you: a flash sale that will drive those procrastinators to order their book a little earlier than normal. Want to learn more? I’ll walk you through how to bring one of these to your school!

Using a flash sale to boost your yearbook orders can help you eliminate some of the end-of-the-year stress that can come along with every school year.
Photo Credit: Flickr user Gerard Stolk (vers l’Epiphanie)

Set the Date

“Flash Sales” are one of the hottest buzzwords in the fashion industry right now. They’re short-lived sales that don’t come around all the time – meaning you have to take advantage of them quickly or you miss out altogether. Typically, there’s not a ton of advanced warning where these types of pop-up sales are concerned. But it’s still wise to plan a little lead time on your end. Properly planning and promoting your event is definitely in your best interest, especially since the parents footing the bill won’t be around school to make the buy for their child when your spur-of-the-moment sale kicks off.

So set your flash sale date for about two months before school gets out. This should also be at least a few weeks before students absolutely have to get their yearbook order in. Remember, the point is to build yearbook sales, but also to create a sense of urgency to get those orders taken care of quickly. Generally, a specific week out of the month will give you the best span of time to run your sale and make sure everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of it. The last thing you want is a parent calling in a day late because their child was out of school with the flu!

Promote Like Crazy

When it comes to setting a price, keep in mind the “retail” value of what you’re selling. Even a few dollars off can ultimately work out to a large percentage of your yearbook price, so market to the discount rate instead of just using the sale price in your materials. To market your sale, do everything you can to spread the word about the flash sale once it’s begun. While you should use some of the traditional avenues, like announcing the sale over the intercom and putting up big posters about getting orders in, make sure you’re also taking the right steps to reach out to the parents. After all, they’re the ones that ultimately need to be aware of the sale if they’re the ones writing the yearbook check.

Send out an email announcing the flash sale as well, and make sure you’re adding information about your flash sale on the school website, and in any newsletters that make their way home. Encourage parents to share the news with each other on social media. And don’t forget to ask teachers to add a little note about the yearbook sale to the take-home materials they send with students on a regular basis. Most importantly, make sure you attach details about how they can place their order to everything that goes out promoting your sale. The more ways you can reach out to parents to inform them about the big sale, the easier (and more likely) it will be for them to order.

Increase Yearbook Sales

As the person running the yearbook, you ultimately want everyone to see how much work went into the production – and how much fun was had on the campus this year! I also know how stressful those last few weeks of school can be – taking some of that stress out by pushing students to get their yearbook orders in a little early can definitely take some of that worry off of your plate. So use the flash sale, then come back and tell me how it worked out – we’d love to get your feedback!