Add a Yearbook Section That's Trés Bien! An International Feature Captures Diversity

diverse yearbook spread

To build an inclusive publication, you need out-of-the-box ideas that capture every student on your campus in one of your yearbook sections. From athletes to brainiacs, there’s something special that each student adds to your campus. For the kids who have less common interests, an international feature can be just the ticket to incorporate a wider variety of faces across the pages of your book. Below, I’ll walk you through three of the focuses you can use to build an international feature that everyone at your school ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ over!

Charitable Travelers

There’s been a trend over the last twenty years or so for students to use their time off over spring or summer break to volunteer in a foreign country. From opportunities in the Caribbean to a big adventure in Africa, students choose a program through their local youth group or a worldwide volunteer program. They might even raise their own money to take on the global volunteer experience. It takes a lot of character and hard work to make a trip like this happen–a short feature in one of your yearbook sections can be the perfect way to celebrate these selfless students. Even better, a specialty article like this can also be inspiring to other kids on your campus. Just don’t forget to offer some details on how they can get involved in future trips at the end of your piece!

Foreign Exchangers

The obvious pick for an international feature, you can incorporate the kids from other countries by creating content around your school’s foreign exchange students. There are often big cultural differences between a student’s home country and your local area. Make this piece a fun question and answer article that communicates how each student has adapted to life in your town. Feature each student in a quarter or half page blurb to incorporate as much of your foreign exchange program as possible. To help you get started, I’ve pulled together some interview questions that will get you started on the right track:

  • Tell us about where you’re from–what’s your favorite local dish, place to hang out with friends, summertime activity, etc.?
  • What made you choose [your town]?
  • What was the biggest shock about coming to live in [your town]?
  • How have you adjusted to being away from your friends and family?
  • What has been your favorite thing about attending school in [your town] this year?

Foreign Language Fanatics

While your school probably has a foreign language requirement, students aren’t typically required to go past a basic level with their skills. But there are some students who absolutely adore this style of learning, and eat up every level of a particular language that your school has to offer. I should know–I was totally one of these kids in high school! These upper-level classes offer more of a language immersion experience, and sometimes even include trips to foreign countries so that students can practice their skills. Incorporate these students into your feature. Focus on how their involvement in an international language course has had an impact on their education at large, and what makes these particular classes so enticing. This is a great way to bring this international feature full circle, back to programs your school offers–which ties your yearbook sections together!

Enhance Your Yearbook Sections By Going Global

It’s hip to go global right now, from the decor in your house to the way businesses operate. So why not incorporate a little of that fun trend into your yearbook sections? These three ideas will definitely get you some unique content for your spread, and cultivate a more inclusive vibe for your publication as a whole. So think up some cool ways to integrate this type of feature into your yearbook theme. I can’t want to check out what you come up with!