Make Your Yearbook Signing Party Rock With These Playlists

yearbook signing party playlist

Outside of yearbooks, the only thing you might possibly need to throw a great yearbook signing party is a solid playlist.

Music, after all, is one of the biggest bangs for your buck when it comes to improving your mood (science says so) and you don’t even need a big ol’ speaker system to produce quality sound that’ll fill the whole room. Got an iPhone and a paper cup? You’re good to go.

Before you throw on your favorite Pandora station or one of those trending Spotify playlists, though, think about why you’re bumping those beats in the first place.

If it was us throwing your party, we’d go a little deeper than just “it’s nice to have some background music.”

In fact, we’d find a bunch of songs that capture the end-of-year spirit, the excitement of graduation, and the start of summer. And we’d back away from the latest Bieber album. (Just kidding… maybe.)

To help you get that yearbook signing party rocking, we did some of the legwork for you and put together three playlists—one for elementary schools, one for middle schools, and one for high schools. They’re all 10 songs, they’re all available in Spotify, and you can play them right from this blog post. (How cool is that?)

Read on, and get access to our tailor-made yearbook signing party playlists.

Elementary School Yearbook Signing Party Playlist

We dare you to try not singing along to this playlist. Sure, it’s got good messages, but it’s also catchy as can be. Check it out:

While you don’t want your playlist sounding too “childish,” you do want it sounding age appropriate. We got a few stars onto the playlist, but we also went with upbeat, happy songs that celebrate the last day of school and growing up. It’s a feel-good affair.

Middle School Yearbook Signing Party Playlist

Less catchy, more meaning, but still some sweet pop tunes. That’s what makes for a darn good middle school yearbook signing party playlist.

Here’s ours:

Compared to elementary school, when parents can still basically choose a student’s friends, middle school students really start to tap into their social skills. We wanted to celebrate the positive things associated with that change, and think you’ll dig it.

High School Yearbook Signing Party Playlist  

Straight up #throwbackthursday for the high school crowd. We’ve got lots of gems in here, and quite a few that’ll make yearbook advisers a little nostalgic for the days they were signing yearbooks and looking forward to the next big adventures in their lives.

Here are some of our favorites:

This high school playlist is pretty senior-feelings heavy, but you’ll no doubt touch a nerve (in a good way) with all your students. You might even get a few misty eyes. Worst case, you’ll get some eye rolls to Journey, but ignore them. Look down at your students’ feet, and you’ll see them tapping it out. There’s no helping it.

Kidding aside, build your yearbook signing party playlists to reflect your school, your students, and the vibe you’re trying to create. It’s an easy—and cheap—way to put a polished touch on a fun event.

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