Yearbook Signing Tips

Yearbook mom giving thumbs up for positive yearbook signing

On the way home in the carpool, yearbook mom Kristie overheard her daughter and three friends talking about their yearbooks staying overnight at school so their teacher could look them over and cover up things like “stinky skunk” and “Chungus.” There were hurt feelings and students who felt uncomfortable through the yearbook signing process.

Kristie said, “The kids are constantly being talked to about kindness and all that jazz, and I think much of what happened today was one kid thinking they’re hilarious and the other thinking they smell like a skunk.”

Bottom line: we haven’t taught our kids how to sign a yearbook.

[Old lady voice] When I was in high school, I had already combed my parents’ yearbooks and learned their deep secrets. I knew the art of reserving a page in my BFF’s yearbook so I could fill it with Spice Girls’ lyrics, inside jokes, and the obligatory, “Thanks for always being there for me.” I wasn’t commenting on her posts daily and DM’ing her. Her yearbook was the one-stop shop to confess my deep admiration and devotion.

For those who weren’t in my circle in the quad, a shorter message strategically squeezed between longer passages made it look as though I ran out of room. (The winning formula is below.)

How Do You Sign a Yearbook for Someone You Don’t Really Know?

  1. Spell names correctly
  2. Choose something specific to call out
  3. Say thank you for being you: Monika, I love your smile. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
  4. Sign your first and last name

How Do You Sign a Yearbook for Someone Who’s Not Your BFF?

  1. Spell names correctly
  2. Find something positive to say
  3. Say thank you for being you: Terese, You are confident in your abilities. Thanks for sharing your interest in horses with us.
  4. Sign your first and last name

Yearbook Signing for the Besties

Add Yearbook Lingo

Some things never change; we bet every 90s mom has two or three of these acronyms in her yearbook.

  • BF Boyfriend
  • BFF Best friend forever
  • GF Girlfriend
  • HAGS Have a Great Summer
  • KIT Keep in Touch
  • LYLAS Love you like a sister
  • TTFN Ta-ta for now

Add Variety

Creative yearbook signing ideas, such as adding in song lyrics or writing messages in a more artistic form, break up the passages from others.

Remember, your signature will last as long as that book. Make it count.

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