Yearbook Spread Ideas for Valentine's Day to Make Your Heart Swoon

Valentine’s Day class parties are a great memory to capture in the yearbook. The only problem is, each year this spread in the yearbook looks the same as the last. Kids wearing red and pink clothes, kids exchanging cards, and kids eating chocolate. There’s nothing unique to make this year stand out from last year. If you’d like to add a little more than candy hearts to your Valentine’s Day spread, we’ve gathered a few yearbook ideas we’ve seen over the years that will make your page fun, and unique to this year’s party.

Valentine’s Day Games

Did the student’s play bingo, or do a word find? Did their teacher have them decorate their own cookies? So many fun things happen during the classroom Valentine’s Day party, it would be a shame to not preserve these memories in your yearbook too. Consider including a photo of the winners, so not only, do you get a great shot of a unique group of students, but you also highlight what went on this day beyond the card exchange.

Unique Valentine’s Day Cards

A fun memory to save might be what the most unique Valentine’s cards were, or who the most popular characters were gracing this years’ cards. Inspector Gadget was the go-go-to in my day, what’s the most popular now? Even if you don’t have any photos you could simply include a couple stats to inspire nostalgia for years to come.

An Infographic Showcasing Fun Stats From The Day

Years from now students will know that they had some kind of party in the classroom for Valentine’s day, but without help, they likely won’t remember what they did–I know I have long forgotten. An infographic is both visually appealing, and informative. Adding information like what the most popular Valentine’s Day card was, or how many cookies were decorated could make for a fun way to remember what took place when looking back years down the road.

Turn The Valentine’s Day Spread Into It’s Own Game

The fun of Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to stop after February 14th. Consider hiding candy hearts or kisses on your yearbook spread and invite the children to hunt for as many as they can find. You can hide the answer upside down on the same page, or if you are including advertising in your yearbook you can insert the answers there to drive more value to your advertisers.

Whatever you decide to do to commemorate your student’s Valentine’s Day, and make this yearbook spread the best yet, we at Treering hope you have fun preserving their memories.

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