Yearbook Superlatives & Surveys for the Unique 20-21 School Year

…When We’re ALL Most Likely to be Stuck at Home.

Surveying your students for the yearbook to uncover this years’ favorite trends, and voting on “best dressed” is a bit challenging this year. How do you know who was the best dressed when most people have had their cameras off all year? How can you ask your students what their favorite game in gym class was when gym class was remote?

To make things a bit easier–and hopefully get your creative juices flowing–we’ve created a list of yearbook ideas based on what we’ve heard from our thousands of yearbook editors. Not all of these will work for every school or every age group, but we hope this helps get you off to a good start to building the most memorable yearbook your students will ever receive.

Yearbook Superlatives for 20-21

  • Most likely to have their camera off during class / Most camera shy
  • Most likely to have their pet/sibling join us in class
  • Cutest pet on camera
  • Most likely to forget to mute themselves
  • Most likely to be on mute
  • Coolest virtual backgrounds
  • Most likely to be late to video class
  • Teacher/Student with the worst internet connection
  • Most likely to be looking at the wrong screen
  • Always eating/drinking on camera
  • Most likely to eat breakfast during the first period
  • Teacher with the best Zoom stories
  • Best dressed from the neck up / on camera
  • Best facial expressions
  • Most tech-savvy
  • Most likely to become internet famous
  • Most creative mask fashion
  • Most likely to “show up” in pajamas
  • Most likely to become a professional gamer
  • Traveled the furthest during the school year
  • Most likely to interrupt the teacher on Zoom
  • Teacher with the best digital classroom
  • Best Zoom chorus or band rehearsals
  • Most likely to come out of 20-21 like a boss! (collage of all students!)

Yearbook Survey Questions for 20-21

  • What’s the best tech excuse for not turning in your homework?
  • What is your favorite take-out restaurant?
  • What was the weirdest trend of 20-21?
  • What is your favorite distance school outfit/clothing item?
  • If you could pick a different decade to grow up in, what would it be?
  • What was your favorite distance learning class?
  • What was the most popular Netflix Party to share with your friends?
  • Where is the best place to virtually hang out with your friends?
  • What was the most popular TikTok challenge?
  • What are you more likely to forget, your mask or hand sanitizer?
  • What did you buy for this school year that you have never needed before?
  • What was your favorite part of distance learning?
  • Where in your home is your learning space set up?
  • Besides home, how many places have you virtually attended class?
  • What school lunch do you miss the most?
  • What class is more fun online than in-person?
  • What is your favorite thing to do during recess at home?

We hope you find these lists helpful. If you’re still looking for additional yearbook survey and superlative inspiration check out: Over 50 Yearbook Survey Questions For Better Polls, and this List of Yearbook Superlatives Ideas for Seniors & Other Students. If you’re looking for more yearbook coverage ideas, check out this article on How to Capture 20-21 in the Yearbook.

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