Treering Yearbook Support: How and When You Want It

computer keyboard with yearbook support options: phone, email, and curriculum

When you need help, you want it the way you want it. Do you want to pick up the phone and talk with a human? No problem. Do you want to watch a video that shows how something works? We’ve got 100s. Do you want to read step-by-step instructions? We’ve got a library. Knowing everyone is unique, Treering’s yearbook support options ensure you are the Yearbook Hero for your campus.

“I did not know a yearbook company was something someone could love.”

Donna Blach from Ronald Reagan Elementary

Email and Phone Support

Your support team is called the Community Advocate Team (CAT) because they champion yearbook advisers.

With Treering, the days of waiting for one person to call you back, schedule a meeting, or come back from vacation are over. We don’t have just one person available to you, we have a full US-based team of yearbook support experts at your disposal. We have your back from autoflowing portraits to obtaining an editable flyer for a cover contest.

Large School Support

When you make a yearbook for a larger school, sometimes you need a little more. You know, that person who is not only friendly, but understands your yearbook so well they find the solution that suits you. Customer Success Managers ensure their entire team knows your school, so not only can you reach out to them for help, but anyone they work with. Anytime.

“Katie was an AMAZING rep to have as a first-time yearbook adviser. She was so fast to respond, her videos were super easy to follow, she rearranged her schedule to accommodate visiting my class on video, etc. She gave me so much support and cheerleading throughout the way, and when I wasn’t really getting it locally, that was so important. Thank you, Katie!”

Julia Jordan from Laurelhurst Elementary

“JASON SPRINGER!!!!!!!!!!!! The absolute best human on the planet!!!!! Seriously, I can not even begin to express how amazing he is! He was always available, regardless of what time it was and always willing to lend a hand! He guided me through so many steps and layouts and created awesome tutorials and offered solutions and just literally made my life so much easier during the process. Treering is a very user-friendly program however, Jason made my life so so much easier! Thank you for another beautiful book!!!”

Elina Pavic from Mattlin Middle School

Step-by-Step Assistance and Videos

Are you are DIY person? Then the Help Center, with its videos and step-by-step instructions, is there 24/7 so you can manage your project on your schedule.

Monthly Yearbook Support Resources

Resources to support you and your team go beyond answers. You’ll get Treering’s free curriculum and access to training to complete your toolkit as you see fit.


Once a month, Treering Yearbooks’ coordinators receive Branching Out newsletters. You’ll receive sales, design, and technical resources to both keep you on track and make you smile.

Yearbook Club

Live Yearbook Club webinars offer additional yearbook support and an opportunity to connect with elementary, middle, and high school coordinators. Topics include:

  • Yearbook quick start
  • Going print ready
  • Design ideas
  • Social media tips

From start to finish, Treering will be by your side.

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