Yearbook Theme: A Scrabble Concept Works For All Ages


When you’re searching for a yearbook theme that will work with any grade level, going with a fun Scrabble concept can be the perfect choice! It’s something that is adaptable; it can be relatively simple for the younger grades, and feature more complex words when you’re writing about the debate team or your high school’s AP program. And while I have to admit that I’m a little biased—I was a huge Scrabble fan in my high school days—it really is a fun concept that’s easy for every student to understand. Plus, your yearbook committee will have a blast finding the right words and concepts to pair together in the shape of Scrabble tiles on the pages of your book. Ready to learn more? Check out how this fabulous yearbook theme could easily integrate with your own publication below!

Unique Class Pages

When you’re working with elementary school students, asking each classroom to come up with five to ten adjectives that describe their school year can be the perfect way to find the right scrabble words to share on their class page. You can criss-cross the words like you would on a Scrabble board, or you can have them listed individually in the shape of Scrabble tiles. Plus, asking each class to come up with more creative words than you’ll actually use can help to ensure that no two classrooms have the exact same combination on their page. And the students will love that they get to be more involved in the yearbook process!

Awesome Section Dividers

As you’re laying out the content for your yearbook, it can sometimes feel like there’s no unique way to divide up different sections of content. But when you use a yearbook theme that’s centralized around the game of Scrabble, this is actually super easy to do! Not only can you design Scrabble tiles on your pages to spell out what the section is about, you can build in a lot of supplemental words that describe what kind of content will grace the upcoming pages. For example, if you were leading into a section about athletics, you might integrate the words, “goal,” “win,” and “pep rally.” Or if you were featuring the captains from different groups at your school, you might find that “leaders” and “motivation” would be a better fit.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

One of the hardest pieces of weaving your yearbook theme throughout the pages of your publication can be working that particular concept into the headlines you have on every page. A Scrabble theme makes that super easy, because it’s not so focused on what words you use, but how each page title is designed. Since it’s easy to use a Scrabble tile design to build out nearly any headline your committee comes up with, you can put a stronger focus on the content that crosses each page of your publication. And because the photos and experiences are really what your book is all about, this can help to ensure that your theme doesn’t overtake the content!

A great yearbook theme starts and ends with your campus. While that might sound a little nebulous, it’s true: any theme you choose needs to be something that the majority of your students can understand and relate to – that’s how you’ll get them to engage with your book as a whole. The nice thing about a Scrabble theme is that it’s relatively simple to implement and somewhat learning related.