Yearbook Theme Ideas for 2021: The Year Like No Other

This post has been updated on our blog for 2021-2022 yearbook theme. Read on for pandemic-era yearbook themes. Finding ideas for a yearbook theme can be rough but for 2021, it might be easier given this pandemic. Finally, something that’s easier than it has been in the past. It’s safe to say that the pandemic will be a part of your school year whether you’re distance learning, back in class (6 feet apart), or studying in some sort of hybrid model. Why not embrace these strange times we are living in, and let them inspire your yearbook theme.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve gathered a list of possible theme ideas, pulled out a couple examples of some themes in action, and created a few surveys to help get your school collaborating on what this year’s theme should be.

Stronger Together as a Yearbook Theme

Stronger Together Yearbook Theme Cover and Pages

We love the yearbook theme Stronger Together for two reasons. First, it represents inclusivity and making all people feel valued. It speaks to creating an environment where everyone has the same great opportunities to make an impact. Another reason we love this theme is that incorporates the idea that in order for us to get through this year/pandemic we are all going to need to work together to become stronger than we were before. It’s a positive message that could help set the tone for the school year ahead.

Virtually Together as a Yearbook Theme

Virtually Together Yearbook Theme

For the schools that are distance learning this year, it would be fun to commemorate this and what it looked like in the theme of your yearbook. You can use video conferencing frames for some of your photos and add images of headphones and earbuds. This will not only capture the year, but it will capture what technology looked like during the 20-21 school year.

virUS as a Yearbook Theme

virUS yearbook theme

Washing our hands, wearing masks, using copious amounts of hand sanitizer, all these things will no doubt be used throughout the school year. Hopefully, hand washing becomes a habit that sticks. Why not build a theme around this. It’s more direct than some of the others but will be a large part of what’s remembered for the 20-21 school year.

Strange Times as a Yearbook Theme

Strange Times Yearbook Theme Cover and Pages

If you wanted to be a bit sillier, you could consider a theme like Strange Times. Between the pandemic, hurricanes, fires, and unique school experiences these are certainly strange times, but why we really love this 2021 yearbook theme is because it incorporates pop culture and plays on the popular TV show, Stranger Things. You could even create your school’s own “upside down.”

20 Yearbook Theme Ideas for 2021

Still looking for more ideas, below are 20 themes for this year that are unique to our current environment, and ready for you to steal and make your own!

  1. Distance Unites Us
  2. A Year Like No Other
  3. Flattening the Curve
  4. Unmasked
  5. StayHome. StaySmart.
  6. What’s Next
  7. Still Connected
  8. Virtually Together
  9. Acknowledge. Adjust. Applaud.
  10. Together Apart
  11. Alone Together, Closer Than Ever
  12. History in the Making
  13. New Normal
  14. Expect the Unexpected
  15. Pajama Days
  16. Reframing Our Story
  17. The School Has Left the Building
  18. 6 Feet of Separation
  19. [School Name] Bubble
  20. [Mascot] Quartan-team

Survey Your Students to Pick The 2021 Yearbook Theme

Yearbook Theme Survey

Hopefully by now you’ve come up with your own list of ideas to choose from for your 2021 yearbook theme. If you’re having a difficult time deciding, consider creating a survey and getting your community involved. Besides helping you narrow down your themes, this can help get everyone excited about this year’s yearbook. If you really want to get people amped up and get yourself even more help, you could combine your survey with an early purchase promotion, or request for photo submissions. Nothing helps yearbook sales more than getting as many people as possible involved in the yearbook process.

Not sure how to build a survey for your school, feel free to steal one of ours. Simply click the link below, and you will be directed to create your own copy to edit and change as you see fit.

Theme Survey for Elementary School Yearbook Teams

Theme Survey for Middle School Yearbook Teams

Theme Survey for High School Yearbook Teams

Whatever yearbook theme you decide, we wish you a beautiful 2021 yearbook full of memories. This really will be a year like no other, be sure to capture it. Given not everything will be as easy as selecting a unique theme for this year’s book, check out this list of tips and tricks to help you capture 20-21 in your yearbook.

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