Yearbook Tips: Store Your Best Ideas to Use Next Year!

Throughout the course of the school year, your team probably came up with a lot more ideas than you could actually use in one book. Some were too complicated to implement; many just didn’t fit with your theme. But just because a few of those ideas didn’t work out this year doesn’t mean you should toss them aside. They might fit perfectly in next year’s publication! Additionally, you might have some thoughts about best practices, ways to streamline your process and to develop high-quality content that could be useful in future projects.

These are the kind of yearbook tips you don’t want to lose. Everything is fresh in your mind right now, which makes it the ideal time to transfer all of your notes to a simple digital system. Storing all of that data in an easy-to-access system can help you kick off your committee next fall with a bang. So use your time—and the tools I’ll give you below—to gather all of that fabulous information and get it organized for next year. You’ll also significantly decrease the amount of time you spend preparing for the yearbook committee over the summer!

Calendar Reminders

Digital reminders are an often-overlooked feature of your school or Google calendar, which is a shame because they are a great way to set yourself up for success. Look back through your content creation this year to see what worked and what didn’t. If it helped to accomplish specific tasks by a certain date, then add it to your calendar. Set up a calendar reminder a week ahead of your designated due date to stay ahead of your timeline. For example, if brainstorming sessions went more smoothly when you brought a fun treat or played a particular creativity-boosting game, then set up a calendar reminder a week prior to the event with all of these details to jog your memory and give you time to adequately prepare.


I love Evernote because it helps me keep track of all of my ideas, across all of my devices, for free. I use the app on my tablet and phone, and I even downloaded it onto my desktop and laptop. You’ll adore the way this program works; it’s like a digital Post-It pad that’s immediately accessible. Once you set up your account, just select the “new note” button and jot down your thoughts. Everything is saved for you, and it’s the perfect way to save all of your great yearbook tips and ideas for later, all year long! Plus, you can share specific notes with your committee through social media or email. Just open the note you want to share, click the ‘share’ button, and select a network to communicate with. It’s that easy!

Boomerang for Gmail

If you developed a great system for your yearbook process this year, then you probably want to duplicate a lot of the things you did right. With Boomerang, you can set yourself up for an easy transition from summer to school year by scheduling email reminders for yourself! Just add the app to your Google account, and you’re ready to go. If you want a reminder to start reaching out to your committee two weeks before the start of school, schedule it. You can also pre-schedule emails to be sent to your committee automatically. Even better, you can set up notifications that let you know when someone hasn’t responded to your emails within a certain amount of time. This helps you manage your follow-up and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s an app that will make preparing for next year a breeze, but also become something you can’t live without during the school year!


Great Organizational Apps Are My Favorite Kind of Yearbook Tips

I love using digital trends to stay ahead of all of my projects. And since these particular apps are amazingly functional and free for you to use, they’re the perfect way to keep all of your yearbook ideas and best practices organized for next year. This means you’ll spend less time reacquainting yourself with all the systems you developed this year and ensures that you go into next year’s publication process with some great ideas right at your fingertips. And that means you can spend less time worrying about the yearbook over summer break!