You Don't Have to Be a "Closer" to Increase Yearbook Sales


For most yearbook coordinators, marketing and sales aren’t second nature. In fact, the term “sell more yearbooks” might actually make you cringe. Don’t worry—I get it. You don’t want to be that super sales-y person that everyone scurries from as you’re walking down the halls. But selling yearbooks doesn’t have to become a second job for you. In fact, with the right tools, marketing your yearbook isn’t a ton of extra work at all. I’ve found that with a little easy promotion, yearbooks really do sell themselves. So despite what you may have heard, it’s not going to be too hard to boost your yearbook sales this year—if you’re willing to put a little strategy behind your process.

Building yearbook sales doesn’t mean you have to go the route of the used car salesman. Our marketing tips will teach you the best way to promote your yearbooks—no sales experience needed!
Photo Credit: Flickr user tonylanciabeta

Marketing vs. Selling

There’s a big difference between marketing your yearbook and having to push a hard sell. Because TreeRing yearbooks provide so much value to the people who buy them, you don’t have to make a big push to convince people they need one. In fact, boosting yearbook sales is more about creating awareness for students and faculty—on when and how to place their order—than anything else. And while you might have to use a few different methods to communicate with all your yearbook purchasers, it’s not a product that will require tons of convincing or elaborate sales pitches for people to buy. So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, because this is actually going to be fun!

Positioning the Value

No matter how you’re reaching out to your student body to encourage them to purchase a yearbook, you should always keep in mind how valuable the yearbook is to them. This is called positioning; it simply means reinforcing the reason someone wanted to buy a yearbook in the first place. To do this well, you’ll want to talk about why your yearbook is unique, and what makes it special. For instance, you could describe the amazing memories that will be featured throughout the pages; the custom pages each student can create for their own book. Or, you could talk up the big end-of-the-school-year celebration—when all the students have a blast signing each other’s yearbooks. Think through your school’s traditions and why students love their yearbook. This will make it easier to position your yearbook sales for success!

Easy to Buy

As you’re finding unique and creative ways to spread the word that the yearbook is available for purchase, don’t forget to make the actual purchasing process simple and convenient for your campus. Whether they sign up online or in person, the process needs to be easy to understand. If it’s not, purchasing a yearbook will fall by the wayside and sales could suffer.

The easiest way to streamline purchases is to direct everyone to buy their book online through TreeRing. Since we offer a safe way to pay, parents will feel comfortable knowing that their information is secure. It will also make it easier for parents, teachers and students to make their purchase before the deadline passes—since they can log in anytime or anywhere. We also use features that let yearbook administrators see who has and has not purchased their yearbook yet—helping you to continue boosting sales by sending reminders or announcements as needed.

Increasing your yearbook sales shouldn’t be a complex process—which is why we make it simple for you and your team to market and manage your publication from start to finish. Our easy-to-use product allows you to market more effectively and target the right people, while eliminating any duplicate messaging for students who have already purchased their book. Let TreeRing help you market your yearbooks the modern way, and spare you from the hard-sell sales process!