65 Academics Headlines for Yearbook

Yearbook adviser leads a brainstorming session with his yearbook students for the academics section

Your academics section needs stronger headlines. Agreed? The headline on each yearbook spread influences the reader’s scanning behavior. (Read: it makes buyers look at your hard work.) When skimming a spread, the eye is naturally drawn to the headline first, and from there, it can guide the reader to other important elements such as subheadings, captions, and images. While headlines traditionally are larger text, additional design elements such as type treatments and mixed fonts help also set them apart. Below are the why, how-to, and 65 examples of headlines you can use in your yearbook.

How to Write Captivating Headlines

It’s easy to drop football or science fair at the top of your yearbook spread. For those looking to up their writing game, crafting journalistic, punny, or thematic headlines can enhance your yearbook storytelling. 

Not sure where to begin? Use some of the academics-centric headlines below to inspire or jumpstart your writing process.

Which is more diverting, “Formula for Fun” or “STEM Classes” for a headline?

STEM Headlines

  1. Calculating the Memories
  2. Chart a Force
  3. [Mascots] Count Get Enough
  4. Easy as Pi
  5. Formula for Fun
  6. Here Comes the Sum
  7. In Our Prime
  8. Make Sum Noise
  9. Massing Around
  10. On this Equation
  11. Pi-ous Celebration
  12. Rule for Thought
  13. Square One: [Year]
  14. Squaring Is Caring
  15. The Final Equation
  16. The Sum of [Year]
  17. Up and Atom
  18. Write Angle

Humanities Headlines

  1. Act your Page
  2. Anything Prose
  3. Blurb the Line
  4. Bookmark my Words
  5. Born and Read
  6. Bursting at the Themes
  7. Do the Myth
  8. Full Theme Ahead
  9. Get Booked On
  10. Go for Baroque
  11. Move in the Right Direction
  12. Plot it Down
  13. Prose and Cons
  14. A Rhyme a Dozen
  15. Setting Pretty
  16. Strike a Prose
  17. The Write Stuff
Layered in with a headline are subheads, ledes, and pull quotes. These additional elements direct readers and also contain content-focused (and sometimes punny) language.

Arts Headlines

  1. All Hands on Deco
  2. All Strings Considered
  3. Band New
  4. Band Over Backwards
  5. Bright of Passage
  6. Brush with Greatness 
  7. Canvas of the Year
  8. Choral High Ground
  9. Emboss Level
  10. Face the Music
  11. Fair and Snare
  12. Fluid for Thought
  13. Hip Hop to It
  14. Horn to Fly
  15. Rhythm and Reflection
  16. Size the Day
  17. Soul in One
  18. The Stage is Set

Senior Section Headlines

  1. A Class Act
  2. A Degree of Fun
  3. From Student to Scholar
  4. Looking Grad-ulous
  5. Making Moves
  6. Onward and Upward
  7. Rising to the Challenge
  8. Stepping Into New Horizons
  9. Taking Flight (good for a bird mascot)
  10. The Final Exam
  11. The Final Lap of our Academic Race
  12. The Future Begins

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