What Should I Do With All My Child's Art?

Mom taking photo of her kid's art and looking for display ideas

Dear Mama, you’re not alone. Many of us look at the creations in our children’s portfolio and think, “Now what?” The fridge is covered. The more ambitious among us swap out art in frames, while others load up bin after bin (or just chuck it in the bin). We have an art display idea to help you preserve your child’s memories.

How to Photograph Your Child’s Art

The number one rule in photography applies here: get your lighting right! Eliminate shadows and flares by having multiple points of lighting. Natural lighting by a window is best.

Mom photographing her kid's art for the yearbook
Some parents photograph the art as it comes in. If that’s you, use the Treering cell phone app to instantly upload your photos to your account.

Second, you’re going to want to make sure your camera angle is congruent to your art. (See, that high school geometry class has real world application!) This gets rid of distortion. You can make slight adjustments using your camera app.

Personalized Pages

Now that your child’s art is digitized, do something with it!

Since every Treering yearbook comes with two, free personalized pages that print only in your yearbook, you can create a mini-gallery to display paintings, sculptures, and sketches without giving away more real estate in your home. (You can also add more pages for homework, family vacations, and events.)

Fast forward to high school graduation: all your yearbooks are lined up and you can show off your child’s progression in penmanship, Scouting, or science fair.

Yearbook layout idea with kid's art on display
Here’s an idea: commemorate your child’s year of creativity by displaying their art in print!

Instead of suffering from mom guilt, you can display your child’s year in art forever.

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