Create a Yearbook Theme Using Today's Hot Music

When you’re looking to create a totally unique and school specific yearbook theme, look no further than your own student body. For many high school students, there are particular songs that seem to make up and explain their entire school career – and using some of those class favorite songs can be a great way to not only easily build more of your theme into the entire school year, but also create a ton of excitement with your yearbook. Ready to learn more? Let me tell you exactly how you can use student nominated songs for an even better yearbook this year!

Choosing Songs

As you’re looking for the right songs to use in your yearbook and as inspiration for the actual pages of your physical publication, start by involving the students right away. You can invite them to submit their favorite music on social media or at school, then create polls on your yearbook through the Treering site to build engagement for the process. And this works out in your favor twofold: one, the students are taking a much larger role in helping to choose the final content that goes into the yearbook – which takes some work off of your plate. Two, it naturally creates more excitement for the final publication, because it’s easy to keep students guessing with the final songs that are actually chosen. And if there’s one thing that I definitely love when it comes to yearbook creation, it’s a super engaged student body!

Staying Relevant

Music is central to any school career – be it elementary, middle or high school. Which means at all of your major school events, the favorite songs that students are nominating and choosing will definitely be present. Using these opportunities to plug the yearbook – through the “official yearbook song” for the year or by encouraging students to pose for yearbook photos during specific songs, you’ll continue to build excitement for the final version of the yearbook while also generating tons of great memories to use as content for your book. Perfect!

Your Tuned-In Yearbook Theme

Keeping your content flowing throughout the year – both to keep your yearbook front of mind with students and parents to boost sales as well as to keep fresh content for the final book coming in – is super easy with your yearbook. You can use your school’s yearbook site on Treering to continue connecting with students by posting lyrics and asking what different songs mean to them. Plus, it’s a great way to keep promoting other class favorite songs throughout the year, which you can still work into your musical yearbook theme!

Finding unique ways to use your theme throughout the entire school year, at events and online with your yearbook are great ways to get students excited for the final version of the publication at the end of the year. And that’s an excellent way to help boost yearbook sales this year! Plus, keeping students and parents engaged means you’ll get more photos and content submitted by the students, which can ultimately create a much more robust publication. And that’s definitely one way to make this year’s book the best the school has ever seen!

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