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Your school is just one part of your students’ worlds. What are they doing as citizens of your larger community, the one outside of your hallways? These page ideas answer that question.


1. Giving Back: Use Your Yearbook to Showcase Community Service

Community service is a great way for students to learn the values of sacrifice, charity, and being a part of their world. Your yearbook can highlight it. Read More

Community Service

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2. Getting out There: Give Your Yearbook a Dedicated Field Trip Page

A dedicated field trip page will allow students to relive some of the most fun days they had during the school year. It will also change up your yearbook spreads. Read More

Tree Ring- Field Trip Page

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3. The World on a Page: Putting an International Page in Your Yearbook

An international page can help bring the world to your students. It can serve as a mini atlas, both for kids who traveled, and to showcase exchange students. Read More

Treering- International Page

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