Most Likely to Succeed: 53 Ideas for an Awesome Yearbook Awards Page

One of your goals as the yearbook adviser is to find new ways to incorporate everyone at your school into your publication. While it can take a little extra work, a more inclusive yearbook enhances the environment at your school and helps every student to feel like they belong. One of my favorite ways to bring some of this inclusive attitude into your book is through the use of yearbook awards. And while it might sound like a competitive way to incorporate a new feature, it doesn’t have to be–especially if you make sure there’s a little way to get a variety of students at your school featured. Below, I’ve compiled some fabulous award ideas to get your creative juices flowing and put more kids onto the pages of your book!

“Most Likely To” Awards

As a yearbook adviser, you know that a “most likely to…” section is pretty standard for any yearbook. But instead of just featuring one winner for each of these special awards, choose the top three students at your school for each. This helps you spread the love a little further without having to go too extreme on the number of awards you actually dole out. You can then feature all of the winners in one big group shot, or in smaller shots that include only the specific award winners. Here are a few of my favorite awards to get you started:

  • Most likely to become President
  • Most likely to win an Oscar
  • Most likely to write the next Twilight Series
  • Most likely to win The Voice
  • Most likely to start a reality show franchise
  • Most likely to win the Olympics
  • Most likely to wind up in the Guinness Book Of World Records (And get a quote from each winner on WHAT they think they might do!)
  • Most likely to become a comedian
  • Most likely to be sorted into Gryffindor
  • Most likely to be sorted into Ravenclaw
  • Most likely to run off with the circus
  • Most likely to visit Mars
  • Most likely to become a teacher at (school name)
  • Most likely to win the Superbowl
  • Most likely to rule the world
  • Most likely to become a ninja
  • Most likely to be on Broadway
  • Most likely to start a band
  • Most likely to be a famous artist
  • Most likely to become a superhero (And what is their superpower?)
  • Most likely to save the Princess before Mario
  • Most likely to dance in a Beyonce music video
  • Most likely to cheer up a classmate
  • Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Most likely to open a yoga studio
  • Most likely to write the funniest Tweet
  • Most likely to write the next Harry Potter
  • Most likely to direct an Oscar-winning film
  • Most likely to beat Michael Jordan’s records
  • Most likely to win an Olympic gold medal
  • Most likely to be a wildlife photographer
  • Most likely to star in fitness videos
  • Most likely to invent the next TikTok

Individual and Group Awards

These are awards that a yearbook adviser can offer to individuals or groups, depending on how many students are at the school. Remember, while individual awards are fun, giving these awards to a group can help you bring more students into the fold.


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  • Funniest class: for the class with the most jokesters
  • Best dressed group: for the most stylish in the school
  • Most innovative ideas: for a group or club that seems to always be coming up with new concepts
  • Class with the most sass: for the class that has a lot of personality
  • Most fun at recess award: for the kids that come up with inventive games to play on the playground
  • The can-do attitude award: for a group of kids (or a group of individuals) who has the best attitude
  • The cheer ‘em on award: for the students who vocally support your teams from the sidelines
  • The friend to all award: for the students who try to include everyone in their fun
  • The hustle award: for the students who are always giving 100%
  • The kindness award: for the students who are always offering a word of encouragement and treating others with respect
  • The leader of the pack award: for students who showcase awesome leadership skills
  • The school spirit award: for students who are always promoting the campus
  • The upbeat attitude award: for students who always have a smile on their face
  • The different drummer award: for students who aren’t afraid to go a different direction than their friends
  • The fear conqueror award: for students who faced their fears this year
  • The full of thought award: for students who are inquisitive or introspective
  • The determined to finish award: for students with determination, even when they don’t come in first place

It could also add a lot of meaning to get a teacher quote reflecting on the individual or group–that’s something your students would love to look back on!

Teacher Awards


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Finally, be the yearbook adviser that gives the teachers something fun to compete for. This will also add a dose of humor to your feature! While you can certainly use many of the ideas above, here are a few fun extras to get your list started:

  • The duct tape award: for the teacher who can fix just about anything
  • The hump day award: for the teacher most excited about Wednesdays
  • Best jokes award: for the teacher who tells the best jokes
  • Most stylish award: for the teacher who wins best dressed

Advice for the Yearbook Adviser

As the leader of your committee, your team turns to you to find fun and engaging ways to bring all of the students at your school together. An awards section is a unique way to break up the rest of your content and celebrate all of the diverse ways everyone on your campus contributes to a fabulous school environment! Whether you use my ideas or come up with your own, I know this is a feature you can make shine. And your students will be so excited to see what all of their classmates won at the end of the school year!

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