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Yearbooking alone should be an oxymoron. That’s why we created Yearbook Club, a regular gathering (that sounds more fun than online training, right?) for parents, teachers, editors, and yearbook aficionados: from sessions for new advisers to topical webinars, we have every topic you need to make a yearbook. And it’s free. Consider this our way of making you Most Likely to Succeed. (And if you need a PD cert for your administrator, we have you covered there as well.)

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Get your questions answered live at Yearbook Club, so you can do your thing with confidence.

What’s New @ Treering

We’re showing off Treering’s new themes, processes, and even more options to make your best book yet. Join us for a tour. Use the links below to register.

11:00 AM PDTZoom
4:00 PM PDTZoom
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One hour is a big step towards print ready.

Yearbook Quick Start

Just now starting your yearbook now? No need to worry about it, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish. We’ll cover all these things (plus your questions):

  • How and why to upload a community roster
  • How to change book settings and important dates, including book donations and fundraising
  • The importance of printed and PDF proofs and when to order them
  • Where to locate marketing materials
  • How to easily design pages
  • How the school community can contribute
  • How to earn free yearbooks
3:30 PM PDTZoom
2:00 PM PDTZoom

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