Yearbook Hero Tawanna Edwards Brought Her A-Game

Treering Yearbook Heroes is a monthly feature focusing on yearbook tips and tricks. 

In our first-ever parent contest, Treering Yearbooks asked parents to capture and share their child’s unique POV. Elementary winner Tawanna Edwards from Cantonment, FL loves to play on words and used the first letter of her daughter Amani’s name to guide her design efforts.

We love how you organized your custom pages around your “A Moments.” 

You’ve got to always bring your A-game! This year has been a year of many firsts and I created our custom pages to celebrate our activities, accomplishments, and accolades! 

Talk us through each spread.

Activities: We have SO much fun participating in activities, whether it is schoolwide, or classroom-driven, Ammani wants to be a part of it all. A highlight has been the Bottle Biography Report on Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician who loved to count and helped change the world with numbers that soared astronauts to the moon and home safely. Ammani is great with her hands, and it has been amazing to see her little mind at work to create a masterpiece. 

Custom yearbook spread about black mathematician and bottle biography project from contest winner and yearbook hero Tawanna Edwards

Accomplishments: We love our school and have cub pride in everything that we do! From spirit wear to fundraisers, we support every cause and do our part.

Celebrar=tory student tribute spread from contest winner and yearbook hero Tawanna Edwards with all the victories

Accolades: Ammani has been on Cloud 9 with all her accomplishments, especially the yearbook cover contest, so we are embracing this accolade and sharing this moment with every student on the front cover of every yearbook this year.

Yearbook spread from contest winner and yearbook hero Tawanna Edwards detailing a students elementary school achievements and winning yearbook cover design

Clearly, you had a plan for your custom pages–how do you begin to organize an amazing year like Amani’s?

Action speaks louder than words! Every picture chosen was “A Moment” that focused on what this year truly meant to us. Those actions captured the essence of success from many different angles. 

I choose pictures of activities that Ammani is amped to be a part of and those that have us attached at the hip. Life is too short, so I try not to miss opportunities to show my support, whether it is Polka Dot Day coloring circles on her face or Running Club Relay with a 5K race and coming in LAST place. 

What’s your favorite part about the process?

I am the Author! Being a quality engineer by day and a Treering page designer by night, I can create and give existence to anything my heart desires. The amazing part: I have access to graphics that look like me! Treering took the time to add that special touch to make me feel important, like I was part of the process.

What advice would you give to another mom who is just getting started?

Activate your creativity! Take the time to explore all options available to you before you customize: from backgrounds to layouts to text fonts to graphics. 

Have F.U.N. (Fully Understand Newness). When I started this journey, I had no idea there was so much to choose from that I did not take the time to truly learn the process. It can be a bit overwhelming, but each year I learn something new that can be used to make my custom pages stand out better than the year before. 

There is no right or wrong way to customize your pages… create your own F.U.N. (Find Ur Niche) and have fun at it!

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